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Welcome to the museum!

Salo Historical Museum SAMU records and studies Salo and life in urban Salo and surrounding villages. The collections feature items ranging from old church paintings at Perniö Museum, old school class and teaching equipment from early 1900s at Meritalo Museum, pre-historic items at Suomusjärvi Museum and grandmas time radios & televisions at Salo Electronics Museum.  SAMU’s collections feature more than 46 000 museum items and over 16 000 photographs. Every object and interior featured in the collections says something about the history of Salo and its residents. SAMU consists of seven local historical museums and the museum of electronical industry and items.

In the Salo Electronics Museum’s permanent exhibition Made in Salo you can learn about the history of electronical industry in Salo and get to know the glamour of old telephones, radios, televisions and monitors. The exhibition showcases the over 90-year-old history of Salo based electronics companies introducing their production and equipment history.