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Perniö Museum

Perniön museo

The roots of Perniö Museum are in the national romantics of the 1800s. Founded in 1870, the Finnish Antiquarian Society sent its scholars to the provinces to collect and list national scientific objects, land discoveries and stories. In Perniö, the task inspired a young student Karl Fredrik Kaarlonen, a local man, collector and active founding member of Perniö Museum that was established in 1930.

The grand main building is designed by A.W. Rancken, and it was built in 1930. The outbuilding dates to 1932.

The museum was built symmetrically in accordance with the Carolin-style plan, and it is said to have been modelled after the drawings of the Perniö parsonage from 1731.
At the time of establishment, the museum is likely to have sparked respect, standing alone on top of hillock Ikäkivi.

The exhibition teaches you about Perniö’s rich prehistory, the life of the villages, manors and ironworks, the roadways and routes as well as the ordinary lives of the people of Perniö.

Summer 2023 opens a new exhibition Perniöön ja takaisin – sukumme naiskohtaloita / To Perniö and back – destinies of our female relatives on which visitors get to know the fascinating story of artist Aurora Reinhards and her mother, ceramist Catharina Kajanders family history.


Perniö Museum
Museotie 9, 25500 Perniö

Perniö Museum on map

Opening hours:

8.1. – 14.5. 2023

Sundays 12-16

10.6.-27.8. 2023

wed-sun 11-17

Museum is closed on Midsummer 23.-24.6.2023

Free entrance

More information:

Anna Väänänen, museoamanuenssi

p. (02) 778 4883