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Halikko Museum

Halikon museo

Close to the church of Halikko, there is a sturdy granary. The granary was built in 1849, and it was like a bank for the people of its time: it was used to store grain. Grain stored well inside the building’s three-metres wide stone walls. In years of famine, people could borrow grain from the granary for an interest fee. The building was introduced as a museum in 1955.

The museum has three floors and it displays Halikko’s history comprehensively. On the ground floor, visitors can familiarise themselves with agriculture and women’s work in the farm. You can also see what a workshop of a carpenter, cobbler or tailor looked like a hundred years ago.

The second floor of the museum has a school department, a collection of money and a collection of weapons, including count C.G. Armfelt’s handsome swords and sabres.
Halikko Museum is part of the nationally significant built cultural environment of the Halikko church region.

Halikko Museo
Kirkkorinne 7, 24800 Halikko

Halikko Museum on map

Opening hours:

4.6. – 6.8. 2023

thu-sun 11-17

Museum is closed on Midsummer 24.6

Museum is open on Provincial Museum Day  sun 27.8. 11-17

Free entrance

More information:

Anna Väänänen, museoamanuenssi

p. (02) 778 4883